Yoga with Meiling Zhou


Meiling first stumbled across yoga during her fifth year of Taichi training in Shanghai, and was immediately fascinated by the historical and philosophical similarities between yoga and Taichi, the union of physical intelligence and mental awareness has been the focus on her own yoga and Taichi practice ever since.

In the intervening decades, Meiling have completed a Bachelor of Medical science degree in shanghai, and an advanced diploma in advanced nursing practice in Melbourne. The strong scientific, logical, analytical approaches of academic studies coupled with her passionate interest in, and in-depth study of, mediation (Theravada tradition), dharma, and Taichi, have enabled her to investigate the deep ties (cause and effect) between the body and mind. This understanding underpins both her approach to yoga practice and her approach to support those dealing with serious illness in her professional life.

Meiling has observed that the continuity of awareness developed thorough practice extends to all aspects of her daily life, deepening her meditation practice and ultimately improving her holistic wellbeing.

With the wish to share the benefits that yoga and meditation have brought to her life, Meiling completed yoga teacher training under Lianna Metcalf in 2016, followed by numerous training with various teachers from different traditions around the world.

Meiling’s class focuses on intuitive movement which couples with mindful breathing that allows her student to develop physically and mentally through intelligently sequenced classes. Meiling encourages students to move with intention, grace, patience, as well as compassion, in order to build stability and strength outer and within.

Karma yoga is a big part of Meiling’s practice, as she believes that yoga should be accessible to all and to serve a good cause that is not limited to our physical wellbeing only. Since 2015, Meiling has been running a weekly donation-based meditation and yoga class; all funds raised through the classes are donated to a local charity in supporting of ending homelessness.

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