Wild Feder - Johannes Wirnsberger


Johannes Wirnsberger born in Carinthia, Austria a small but beautiful and abundant state. Growing up in a big Family of 8 children and heart warming and loving parents gave Johannes always the freedom to take his own decisions and to explore life. His journey with lifestyle and nutrition started when he crossed path with a dear family friend at 17 years old, where the magical conversations in between the elders caught his attention. This was the moment when the seed for a life filled with truth was planted. One that will continuously grow and expand through ancient wisdom studies and new discoveries. He has been studding and exploring the human body for the past 13 years thru healthy lifestyle and nutrition. Inspired by many pioneers in this field (David Wolfe, Arthur Hains, Daniel Vitalis, certifiedhealthnut. etc) have been great influence.

Johannes is following his inner call to share all the amazing experiences he has lived so far feeling blessed every moment.

Since 2017 he is sharing the ancient relationship between the forest and human kind giving birth to the WILD FEDER project. By bringing back memories through WILD CHAGA mushroom, better known as the KING OF MEDICINAL TREE MUSHROOMS.

WILD FEDER represents the voice of the FOREST and it´s need for urgent attention with real intention to give back to the earth and it´s REWILDING process. Johannes is collecting wild Chaga in Austria and other pristine forests around Europe to create handmade Chaga Tinctures and Chaga Powder for Tea. With the intention to share it with as many people as possible, giving them a taste of the POWER of this beautiful wild tree mushroom, CHAGA.

Since 2018 Johannes is expanding his mission thru WILD FEDER ELIXIR CRAFT in festivals in Europe, Mexico, Indonesia & Costa Rica, promoting healthy delicious liquid love in hot and cold drinks filled with nutrition to uplift and inspire in full balance. You can also find Wild Feder handcrafted products in the Elixir Bar.

As a deeper sharing he invites people to a CHAGA CEREMONY to drink a cup of tea together in a circle and share the greatest and latest downloads about lifestyle and nutrition.