Rebirth into your true nature. With ancestral medicine and healing techniques from the Amazon we purify & align your physical, mental & spiritual body. It is both a grounding of your roots & expansion of your branches, releasing blockages, attuning your chakras & awakening your light body. 

Honoring each individual's unique vessel, the session is

an intuitive process, but usually includes:
Amazonian Rapé medicine

Breath, energy & body work

Chakra Attuning with crystals & sounds 

Soul guidance with Tarot
(all is optional)
(session time ~ 1 hr)


Annelie is a vessel facilitating sustainable transformation & healing, combining ancestral wisdom with modern tools for deprogramming of the mind, reconnection with the natural world and remembrance of our true essence.

She creates experiences to awaken & connect the heart tribe, through her platform Self Wonder, offering private healing sessions, group & 1 week immersion experiences. 

For 10 years she has been moving across the Earth learning from different life schools & native cultures as a devoted student of the Self, Nature & Wonder. 

She is grateful to be sharing the teachings & her gifts in an authentic & applicable way. 

Self Wonder was born out of her own Self Wonder journey, a calling to serve and a passion for curating & guiding people into their true nature.