Am I allowed to bring animals to the festival?

You are not allowed to bring animals to the festival. We will have farm animals during the festival that live on the Monastery grounds. Please treat them with love and respect. Any mistreatment of animals will be considered as an act of violence and you will be asked to leave the festival.

Guidance Animals

Please contact the organisation if you are in need of guidance animals for the duration of the festival at We can't make promises, but we will put in all our effort.

Can I bring my kids with me?

We have limited capacity on The Monastery grounds. We chose for the adults over the presence of our new generation. We have set a minimum age for this event and we will not allow kids within the walls of The Monastery, unfortunately. Hopefully in the future. 

Are phones allowed?

Yes. Phones are allowed. But, the great news is there won't be any reception at the festival. You are allowed to bring your phone to take pictures, but only with consent. Please know that most of the memories are kept in your heart and soul instead of on a camera. 

In case of an emergency you can inform the organisation beforehand that you might need to contact home at

Can I bring a camera?

Taking photographs and shooting footage for commercial use is prohibited unless permitted by the event organisation. While we allow cameras and tripods, large lenses are not permitted. Photographs and footage can only be shot with consent. If you are a photographer eager to gift your photography skills to our community please contact the organisation at

Are there charging stations?

We are working on charging stations on site for your phone, your vape or your disco lights. 

Are there any lockers for valuable items? If so can we reserve/pay for this upfront for the whole weekend?

Yes there is a limited amount of lockers available on site. You can access your locker during the festival. The lockers can only be purchased online and before you arrive at the festival. Again, limited. You can reserve a locker at the ticket section. 

Is wifi provided?

We do not have wifi on site.

What payment methods are accepted at the festival?

The food & beverages are purchased with tokens. The tokens can be purchased with the following payment methods:

- Cash
- Maestro
- Mastercard
- Visa
- V pay

What payment methods are excepted at The Market of Curiosities?

Our beautiful market holders will most rely on cash payments now that we don't have a telephone reception nor wifi. In case you want to purchase the most amazing costumes, ponchos, jewellery or vintage, bring sufficient amounts of cash.

Are there ATM machines at the festival?

No. We do not have ATM machines at the festival.

Can I see the full program of the festival?

You will receive the full program up on arrival to the festival. Please come as early as you can come. This is an experience you should live fully.

Lost & Found?

If you lose clothing, you can find these items at the Lost & Found clothing rack on The Monastery Grounds. The location of this rack will be announced upon arrival. Did you lose anything of value, other than clothes & customes, please contact the organisation on site. If you are travelling from abroad, we expect that you understand we will not send lost items to your exotic homes away from The Gardens of Babylon.

We urge you to leave valuables at home, to purchase the lockers online and to keep your mind together.