“...I have never experienced anything like this” or “it felt like an intergalactic journey... ” - is what I hear often from my clients :-)

Imagine receiving the most pure healing energy and the utmost caring touch for your body and soul.

Leaving you feeling fully recharged, re-balanced and rejuvenated.

My name is Monika Zampa, I specialize in re-establishing positive energy flow in your body, eliminating deeply-rooted emotional and physical blockages and rebalancing your masculine and feminine energy.

The comprehensive sessions combine heart opening meditation, transmission of the Cosmic Healing Energy and Body work (Hawaiian style massages - Lomi Lomi vibrational technique and Opu Huli abdominal massage).

For whom?

Anyone who is to ready to start living fully, manifesting dreams, making changes, getting rid of (read: transforming) self-destructive beliefs, stuck relationships, stagnating blockages.

Available treatments:

Massages ( 15 – 60 minutes)

deep tissue, total relaxation, head/neck/shoulder

Lomi Lomi – lymphatic system activation

Opu Huli - abdominal massage

Energy Healing and Transmission ( 60 mins +)

Cosmic Energy Healing + body work

From the forgotten files:

My name is Monika Zampa, over the last 20 years I have been walking the path of spiritual re-discovery, healing self and others. Starting as a buddhist meditator, to Vipassana follower, tantra and yoga practitioner, breathwork and Quantum energy healing lover. I also facilitate female circles and assist with sacred medicine & cacao ceremonies.

But it was not always like this. Growing up in oppressed Eastern Europe taught me to be highly determined. Working 11 years as an investment banker in the City of London, exchanging the precious daily moments for some superficial money game. I have decided to quit my well paid job and never looked back.

Since then I am realigning my life path with my heart.

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