Naomi van Ree & Thijs Tuijt


Holistic Energetic Healers, using techniques from reiki, chakra balancing, acupressure & more.

Putting hands where it physically hurts – whether it be a broken heart, leg or back-pain – helps removing the energetic block.

The life energy - also known as chi or prana used a.o. in reiki- that flows through the hands, is a very powerful healing source that calms you down and relieves pain and lifts blocked areas in the body.

Your sore spots will warm and open up. We balance your chakra’s and see what else is needed to harmonize your system and boost your vitality.

If the body can relax deeply we feel whole again and from this point it is much easier to be aware of our thoughts and feelings and connect with our inner wisdom and find our own answers.

Deep intuition, life experience, a strong connection to the spiritual world, crystals, sounds, the elements are what our medicines are made of.

Come see us at the Spiritual Village and let there be magic.

Personal Healings: 25 to 60 minutes