Gipsy Pirates


GP is a brand established by We Gipsy Pirates & Ximena Del Toro, two earthlings currently based in Barcelona.

Fueled by the Spanish sun and the Catalonian punky attitude they gave birth to their creative newborn.

Being both Party and Festival veterans with several decades of experience they know the ins-and-outs of this world.

They’ve decided about a year ago to upcycle wearable’s and tune them to their style and needs. From Jackets and other clothing to high energetically and well-resourced crystal jewelry.

They would customize anything you put in their hands, obviously only if it fits their Pirate/Nomadic style.

After a year of doing this lovely project low key they worked out the idea to make an edgy functional jewel. A high-end USB-key chain hidden in silverwork.

Seeing the potential of this project they teamed up with Bijorca owned by a well-respected jewelry family from Antwerp.

They’ve decided to make more pieces branded by the Gypsy Pirates. This summer they’ll launch the GP necklaces at summer festivals in Europe for many music lovers to get introduced to the functional gem.