Energetic Healing


I am a healer , I clear / release physical , emotional , mental "pains" , traumas thought laying hands and also counseling . I work with different teams / beings / consciousness / collectives from higher planes of existence / dimensions  from this Universe and others. And of course we work with Source to dissolve , dissipate any unnecessary issue . Alot happens in a session / workshop / gathering , as all is aligned and in perfect balance ready for you to receive : DNA upgrades / activations through high frequency light codes that we carry , connection with Source within you , deeper understanding of Self , but most important Soul connection and heart opening ( our transmissions are all beautiful and pristine , sacred and profoundly loving , all equally important.

We work thru Presence.We are Love.

From this place we share ( you can call it teach ) , we show different tools , ways to connect to your unique Essence , to understand you Here and Now , to connect to your Star family , Spirit Guides , Great Masters , Magical Unicorns and Rainbows , Fairies , Dragons , Mother , Father in you.

The journey inside you begins now!

Depending on the group consciousness present we pick the subject to be thought in a workshop / satsang , but mainly is about Self Mastery . You are your Own Master . We show you how to maintain a balanced focus on what you want as a Master Manifestor Creator . Is all happening in the miracle now moment ... blooming ....flowing ...in love with all creation ? !!

Private sessions are also available !!