Michalis- Montana Sound Healing AKA Golden Claws Massage


Michalis has been part of the Gardens of Babylon from the beginning and he introduced the massage and healing area on the parties. He has earned his stripes since for making hundreds of people relaxed and happy with his soundhealings and massages. He invites You to take a jump step into another dimension, to surrender to the moment and with the help of his mystical instruments and magic hands he will take you on a journey both to far away mystical places as inwards, surfing on the waves of sound and touch. A journey through your chakra’s and deep into yourself.

Due to his passionate presence and amazing massages Michalis has been nicknamed “the man with the Golden Claws”. Michalis is a cocktail, a colorful chameleon, Half Greek, Half Dutch and 100% recycled stardust. A Global Nomad, his ever active curiosity in the world around him has led him to many places across the globe, expanding his comfort zone.

A restless core and unstoppable hunger for adventure and new adrenaline rushes had driven him to many places, expanding his comfort zone, where he surprisingly found rest.

Michalis has traveled extended both professionally as a International Alpine Tourlader leading groups as solo on adventures that are often too outrageous to find fellow congenial. Upon one of his many trips he came across the Himalayas, when a cycling expedition brought him from Lhasa, Tibet to Kathmandu, Nepal. There he fell in love with its colorful inhabitants. “I came for the mountains and I returned for its people”.

Many travels in Nepal followed and there he learned about singing bowls and despite the weight a singing bowl has acompanied him on trips since.

Massage in Thailand has been a logic follow up, and Michalis blends both worlds into an amazing experience. Sometimes Michalis joins forces with others for ceremonies with Cacao, Yin Yoga and soundhealing or even for yoga retreats.

During the Monastery Michalis will organize a few collective gatherings; Cacao ceremonies and Angel tunnels, but if you trully want to experience a magical moment, You should book him for an individual massage, a soundhealing or best of all, a combination of both! (highly recommended ;) )

During a session Michalis will use musical instruments from all over the world and of course the singingbowls from Nepal. The magical bowls will be placed upon the body for each chakra. The bowls will be played in different ways, resulting in different resonation, tones and vibrations, build up tension and negleted emotions can come up and get released. The massage style is a fusion between Wat Pho Thai Massage, Shiatsu and deep tissue.

Last but not least, together with Kennia he teams up for “Orgasmic Bliss” ; a 4 hands massage experience, a roundtrip to Nirvana and back. (they even feed you fruit and chocolate ;)

As all is tailored upon the clients needs, each session is different and unique in its own way.

Michalis~ Montana Sound Healing AKA Golden Claws Massage


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