Acroyoga at The Monastery Festival


Born in Mexico City, Diego is a multidisciplinary artist, choreographer, dancer, crafter and also a massage and sound healer therapist. He has dedicated most of his life to the exploration of the arts of movement through the circus arts, acrobatics, dance, acting and music by joining international shows, companies and festivals all around the world like Cirque Du Soleil, Cirque Eloize, The 7 Fingers, Acrobat Productions, TOTEM productions, Cirque Antique, Le Noir, etc.

Diego finds himself submerge within not only the scenic arts but on the healing fields as well. As a therapist, he has discovered the power of sound healing to reinforce and reach out states of contemplation and peace on different levels through the physical therapy. Actually, he finds himself exploring and working on the development of a performance that can reach out to the public, through dance, movement and sound, a performance that can embrace not only through the scenic arts but also the healing ones.

A performance that heals.

He’s touring around the world at the moment sharing his vision and tools to help others to connect in different realms and ways beyond only the physical field while offering different kinds of workshops and classes more with the intention of creating a collective experience that will echoes and ripples on peoples life.
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