Yoga with Karin Knape


Karin Knape is an 800 h. certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher living in Gothenburg, Sweden. She has been teaching since 2012 and she thanks her teachers throughout the journey for the possibility to grow from the teachings of yoga that they have passed on and still continue to pass on to her.

Karin is a frequent festival participator and the last festival experience was Boom Festival 2018 in Portugal. She definitely thinks music and yoga go hand in hand, and that they both take you on spiritual journeys. Yoga on festival is a win win!

Through the art of yoga, the work we do on the body, mind and soul, all with the help from a conscious breath, Karin wishes to inspire us to connect! Connect to our Self, to each other, to our planet, and to the sun, moon and stars. Well, which is actually all the same anyways! 

The classes will take you through asanas (poses) taught in vinyasa (flow with breath linked with movement of our body), to chanting (mantra song), spiritual dharma talk (yoga philosophy), savasana (relaxation) and meditation practice. All are welcome!

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