Volunteers Program:
The Monastery Experience 2019

Hello angel,

Thank you for showing interest in the Volunteers Program of The Monastery Experience 2019. The Monastery is super sold out. So a part from the fact that this is the only way that you can still join us, we also need you! So sign up now, we will both be the happiest.

What is the deal?
Shifts: You work two shifts of six hours.
Camping fee: You pay a camping fee of 45 euro’s.
Deposit: We kindly ask you to pay a deposit of 75 euro’s, which will be transferred back into your account after completing your shifts. The payment can be cancelled until three weeks prior to the event. So if you can’t make it in the end, you can cancel your shift up to three weeks before the event.
Accommodation: You are expected to bring your own tent and you can arrive on the 24th of July. 

The Gardens volunteer deposit/ camping fee ticket https://bit.ly/2KuSaim   *

1. Check-in Angel
All the crew like creative, spiritual and visitors of the festival need to check-in at the entrance. As a 'Check-in Angel' you are making sure all visitors receive the correct wristband and you explain the benefits of each wristband, hand over tokens, etc. After the check-in process, a runner will take over and will guide the visitors to the correct camping site. visitors of the festival need to check-in at the entrance. We will provide more information about this role after signing up.

2. Gardian Angel
Your role as 'Gardian Angel' is highly important at the festival. You are the happy smiling barometer to see how our Gardens Family is feeling at our festival. You walk around, in pairs, at the festival area, as visitors if they are doing well.  You are the messenger of our values: being respectfull towards eachother, kind, gentle and open. With love for eachother and the surroundings. Point them out to drink enough water, use suncreme etc. Are they physically and mentally doing well? Do they feel safe? Do they need help? Also, keep an eye out if the festival terrain is nice and tighty, make your fellow festival visitor aware of this.

3. Camping Angel
As 'Camping site'  Angel you are responsible for helping the festival attendees to find their rented tent or point out free camping space for those who arrive with their own tent. There's limited space, so make sure the visitors place their tent close next to another tent: because camping together in a garden environment makes everyone happier. You will be one of the helping hand the visitors sees after their travel and heavy lifting, so make sure they feel at ease, and let the escapism, joyful weekend start already!

*Pre-event volunteering (consists of building up the tents ) is full.

See which shifts are available, and sign up; https://bit.ly/2U81Ajl

If you have any questions, please send an email to volunteers@thegardensofbabylon.com .

With love,

The Gardens of Babylon

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