The Road To The Monastery

The last stop before we go in.. How the hell do I get there? Welcome to the Babylon Guide in Getting Where You Want! 


🚎 Travel Information 🚎
Busses regulated by the festival itself are sold out.

Please check: for additional bus tours. This is in Dutch. You can use Google Chrome and automatic translation or put a request in for help to a smart Dutchie.

For example this bus:
Depart: 26th Thursday 1pm
Return: 30th Monday 11am
Will need to be booked today in order to drive.

You can take the train to Goch. Here we have taxis that you can reserve beforehand and share with other festival travellers.

Taxi- und Busbetrieb Schlitt
+492823 3742

Taxi Tünnißen
+492827 9250250

Taxi Wolff
+492823 3738

Rent a car, purchase a parking ticket and be at the festival on your own time.


BUS INFORMATION: Amsterdam or Düsseldorf

The ticket contains three dates and is in Dutch.
This might be confusing for you, so here is a little guidance. The first date is the departure date and time of the bus. The second date mentioned by start is the start time of the event. 

Event times
The event starts at 4pm. If  it states start: 2pm, it means it's incorrect. You can enter the grounds from 4pm onwards. The events ends on Monday 6am. We leave the grounds before 11am. Your bus departure on the way back leaves 11am sharp. Don’t forget to set an alarm or simply stay up ;-).

Bus Departure Location
Amsterdam Sloterdijk: P+R, Piarcoplein 1
Dusseldorf Airport: Terminalring, Exit C of the airport

Bus Departure Times
Due to high demand we have now finalised the departure times as follows:

Dusseldorf Thursday: Departure 16:00; retour on Monday: 11:00
Dusseldorf Friday: Departure 11:00; retour on Monday: 11:00
Amsterdam Thursday: Departure 15:00; retour on Monday: 11:00
Amsterdam Friday: Departure 10:00; retour on Monday 11:00

Make sure you don't miss the bus! It leaves on that exact time! 


Goch Station 

You are taking the train! Either from any given German station or for example Düsseldorf Airport (approx. 45 min). Before or upon arrival you can contact one of the following taxi services:

Make sure to share a ride. One taxi is between €20 - €25 even though it's 10 minutes. 



Flying in to Airport Weeze! Jackpot. This is by far the closest airport to Goch. The best way to reach the festival is to order a taxi. Add your ride in our online Ride Share doc and split the cost. On this website you can find the accurate prices of taxis in Germany! 

You are almost there!
Much love!

Are you missing information?  Please send us an email to help you get organised to It's getting close now!!!