How do we travel to the festival location?

You can reach the festival by car, by public transportation or by the shuttle busses provided by the organisation.

From where are the shuttle buses departing?

There will be shuttle buses provided by the organisation.


*All returns are on Monday

Departure Pickup Exact Points:

Amsterdam Sloterdijk: P+R, Piarcoplein 1

Dusseldorf Airport: Terminalring, Exit C of the airport

Thursday 25 July

Düsseldorf Airport : Departure Time 17:30 (ETA: 19:00) || Return Time 11:00 (ETA: 12:30)|| Price: € 30

Amsterdam Sloterdijk : Departure Time 15:00 (ETA: 17:30) || Return Time 12:00 (ETA: 14:30)|| Price: € 50

Friday 26 July

Düsseldorf Airport : Departure Time 10:00 (ETA: 11:30) || Return Time 11:00 (ETA: 12:30) || Price: € 30

Amsterdam Sloterdijk : Departure Time 10:00 (ETA: 12:30) || Return Time 12:00 (ETA: 14:30) || Price: € 50

Do I need a ticket for the shuttle bus?

Yes, you need to purchase a ticket for the shuttle bus. They will be online soon. For more information please check the section tickets.

I am flying in from abroad. Which airport is best option to go to?

You are advised to fly to the closest airport which is Dusseldorf (Germany). You can also fly to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Please know that the shuttle bus in Amsterdam will depart from the city, if you chose to fly to Amsterdam you have to find your way to the shuttle bus. In Dusseldorf the shuttle bus will depart from Dusseldorf airport.

Can I go by car or motor?

As mentioned before you can go to the festival by car. Please know that we are a conscious collective and share rides. We will provide a board for ride sharing closer to the event.

Do I need a ticket to park my car or my motor?

Everyone arriving with a car or motor needs to buy a parking ticket. We have a limited amount of parking tickets and encourage you all to minimise your carbon footprint by car sharing or taking public transportation. Please make sure to have your parking ticket downloaded or printed when arriving to the festival grounds. For more information on Parking Tickets please go to the section tickets information.