What tickets are available?

- Entrance ticket including camping
Every person needs to purchase his/her festival ticket. This ticket will give you access to festival, access to the camping (with a tent) and you get a trash bag to leave no trace.

- Festival Packages (Including. Festival Tickets + Accommodation)
This year we are offering Festival Packages Tickets. This packages includes Festival Tickets and the Accommodation of your choice. Depending on the package you will get tickets and accommodation for multiple persons. For example, the package “Festival Ticket + The Doors Tent (2 Persons)” comes with 2 x Festival Tickets and a The Doors Tent to accommodate both of you.

We have Festival Packages for the ones that are unable or unwilling to bring and/or set up their own tent. For more information please go to the section accommodation

- RV/Camper/Van / Vehicle Pass
The vehicle pass is the required pass to have your vehicle (Camper/RV/Van) on the camping site. This pass by itself does not give you access to the festival. Make sure to buy the package that includes this Vehicule Pass plus the Festival Ticket. The camping is not an operating camping. In order to allow vehicles we have to take the necessary precautions on the camping ground. These precautions are very expensive. You are encouraged to camp with tents. For more information please go to the camping section.

- Bus Tickets
We are organizing communal transportation. Our goal is to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible. For more information on buses and ride shares please keep an eye on the section travel.

- Locker Tickets
We strongly advise you to leave your valuable belongings at home. For the ultimate necessities you are advised to purchase lockers in advance. You can only purchase lockers online and prior to the event. The sizes of the lockers are:

Medium: 30 cm b, 40 cm depth en 24 cm height
Large: 30 cm b, 40 cm depth en 38 cm height

- Parking Ticket
Every car or motorcycle requires a parking ticket for the duration of the festival. We create a parking close to the festival. More information on communal transportation, buses and ride shares can be found in the section travel.

I can only come one day, can I share my festival ticket with another person?

No, your ticket can not be shared with another person.

Do you sell day tickets?

The Gardens of Babylon is the result of a strong connection between all the family members. Due to this, The Monastery is designed as a three day experience to be enjoyed to the fullest and create magic together. For this reason, no day tickets are available. We encourage to all visitors to attend for the full event.

The Ticketshop doesn’t accept my CreditCard, what should i do? 

Due to high fraud with cvc protected creditcards we can only accept cards with 2-way authentication turned on. If you try to use a creditcard with only cvc protection you’ll get the message ‘’there is an issue with your payment method’’. This means you need to onboard your creditcard for 2-way authentication. Click underneath your credit card provider for more information about the procedure to enable the payment.

American Express  // Visa  // MasterCard

Help I haven’t received my festival ticket in my inbox after purchasing it through the official link. What should I do?

If you ordered your festival ticket through our official link and you haven’t received it immediately please follow these steps:

- Check all your email addresses and those of your mum. We often hear it ended up in a different account.
- Check your spam. Seems obvious but you might have forgotten.

If you still can’t locate your tickets at least two days after purchasing it, please contact: cs@sollidd.com with your proof of payment, full name and email you used to purchase the tickets.

Do you sell tickets at the door?

There are no tickets available at the door. Tickets are exclusively sold online. To purchase tickets online please go the the ticket section.

Can I come and leave or re-enter the festival as I please?

No, you can only enter and leave the festival once. Once you’re in you’re in, once you’re out, you’re out. This means that you can’t rent houses, hotel rooms etc in the wide range of our festival. Please keep this in mind.

Do I have to print my ticket?

Your ticket will be scanned at the entrance of The Monastery. Please take into account that the network connection of the venue can be limited. Due to this, we recommend you to have the ticket downloaded in your mobile phone or printed with a readable barcode.

Are the tickets personalised? 

The tickets are not personalised this year.

I am not able to come after all. What do I do with my ticket?

The Gardens of Babylon does not refund purchased tickets. You are advised to resell your ticket through an official Ticket Website such as: www.ticketswap.com. People that resell their tickets for a higher price that (then) our set prices are banned from purchasing tickets and our events for a year.

I want to buy my ticket through someone else, is this possible?

Please keep in mind that in case we sell out, you are advised to purchase tickets through an official Ticket Website such as: www.ticketswap.com. The organisation is not responsible for the tickets that are not purchased directly.

You can not buy or sell tickets that belong to a tent package as Festival Bring Your Own Tent.