A little dash of (bio) glitter please..

By Shishi Meriwani

On this sunny afternoon we had a little talk with Rosalie Ruardy the leading Goddess of The Cosmic Glitter Tribe, about The Gardens of Babylon, biodegradable glitter and much more..

Rosalie, when did you first come to The Gardens of Babylon?
Somewhere in October 2016, I first stepped into the gardens with a box full of glitter. I immediately felt at home. The vibe, the people, the music and especially the love for music. 

What was your most memorable experience with The Gardens of Babylon family?
My most memorable experience? So many... but if I had to choose... the gardens in december 2016, I was going through a rough time and I was there with my best friends, whom I brought to the gardens for the first time. Britta Unders was on fire, we all danced like never before. It was magical and healing. 

How many girls can we expect at The Monastery?
You can expect about 5 girls and 5 boys, forming the Cosmic Glitter Tribe at the monastery! 

Will you be glittering at a certain spot or will you walk around in the crowd?
We will do both. At the beginning of every day we will set up a glitter booth where people will come to chill and be glittered. Later on we will walk around with a big Glitter totem pole, so we can be recognized, and people can be glittered on the spot.

We read a lot about the impact of plastic glitter. It’s not something you want flying around in the beautiful nature of The Monastery, right?
That’s right.. I was using plastic glitter until I learned about this problem through the amazing eco glitter warrior Nanna from Ecosparkles. Microplastic is one of the biggest pollutants and potential killers for our environment and marine life, it is estimated that there are currently over 51 trillion fragments of micro particles floating around the worlds oceans, and it has has been documented that there are plastic present in every third fish caught. 

Since microplastic is found in many household products most of us are guilty of contributing to this pollution. But there are easy ways to make small changes and one of them is in our use of glitter. EcoSparkles Biodegradable Glitter is made of a cellulose film from FSC certified, non GMO and sustainably sourced Eucalyptus trees from European plantations.

The product is certified biodegradable and under the FDA standards for cosmetic use. The glitters does not contain any heavy metals or toxins, which are found in many conventional PET glitters. All pigments are all natural colouring and the shiny coat is made from 0.1% aluminium, which is a natural component found in our soil. 

The glitters are not harmful for marine life to consume because of the plant based film and the breakdown of the glitters happen when natural bacteria is present. The biodegrading time of the glitters various between 3-6 months depending on the moist and heat. But in some cases it will not be visible anymore after even a few weeks. The glitters are 100% cruelty free and suitable for vegans.

So let’s leave 100% guilt free glitter footprint by using only eco sparkles! 

What else do you do to live a conscious life. Any advise to our festival crowd?
I try to live as mindful and conscious as possible. I eat mostly plant based, unless people preprare me a meal with meat/fish/dairy - I will eat what Mother Earth gifts me at that moment. “Eten wat de pot schaft” we say in Dutch. I try to spread the word about the meat & dairy industry as loving as possible, meaning that I want to inform people about the impact of their choices in a non-violent way. My mission is to spread laughter, happiness, love & kindness. I put Mother Earth above all and everything. Raising the vibration of this planet and it’s people is the only way we can save her, and still enjoy her. This is what I try to do on different levels.

Any advice on conscious living? Listen to your heart. Connect with the divine Mother Earth and let this wisdom guide you. We are all perfect divine creatures, we just need to know and believe it.

Do you think The Monastery should be an all vegetarian festival?
Yes and vegan would be even more awesome!! Let’s show the cheese and meatlovers how many tasty alternatives there are!

Is there an act you are dying to see?
Ohhhh so many!! Acid Pauli, Be Svendsen, Birds of Mind, Britta Arnold, Mira & Chris, Sabo, Sam Shure, Satori, Viken Arman & YokoO are my favourites... during these performances you will find me on the dancefloor - we will be glittering on the spot if anyone is interested! 

What about the spiritual program. Do you meditate with everybody before the shows? 
I love the spiritual program and if my body feels like it, I meditate with the group! I’m still recovering from a major operation so sitting in a certain way can be difficult. But if it feels good, i will.

Find Rosalie and her Cosmic Glitter Tribe at The Monastery from July 27 to 29!