Tarot Reading with Florence

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Meet Florence Fernhout,  Artist, Reader, Light worker, and healer.

As a reader she works very intuitively and practically. Florence will work primarily with Tarot cards as this is a passion of hers. She has been reading tarot cards for over 25 years. In addition to reading Tarot cards, Florence may channel messages from spirit.

Within the Monastery Spiritual Zone, Florence will be offering  Tarot readings or your choice of a variety of healing services  which include: 

Holy Fire Reiki, Crystal or Chakra healing services.  

 Whichever service you choose  with Florence, you can expect to enter the deeper layers of your being and bring love, balance and insights to that what will show itself for healing.

 After a session you can expect to join the festival feeling more grounded, balanced, inspired, more awakened, and with a renewed sense of spirit. 

Florence would love to inspire you!