Delve Into The Poetic Experience with Tania


In between the fuss and the technological wave that surrounds us in our everyday life, Tania Panés brings the instantaneousness that we are all used to disguised behind the trascendental and unique moment that occurs when she transforms a topic that you give to her into a poem. With her 1920 typewriter she improvises verses with her intuition and the energy that you transmit to her, exploring the power of word by channeling the emotions, desires or intentions that you bring to her table. Sharing who we are with others is healing, and giving what we can offer to others is receiving it at the same time.

Come to the Nômade Gratitude Tent and delve into the poetic experience of the present moment through the sound and beauty of a 100 year old typewriter and receive a piece of poetry with whatever subject is resonating with you!

About Tania

Tania has been traveling with her typewriter since 2013, improvising poems and short stories all over the world. She is a nomad by heart and she explores literature from every possible corner, as well as the labyrinths of the mind through Yoga, Pranayam and Meditation. Original from Madrid, she studied Art History and never stopped traveling ever since.

Her poems have been published in digital magazines such as Oculta Lit, Kokoro or La Rabia del Axolotl. She participated in the anthology of pulp short stories She was so bad (Aloha Ed., 2016) and she is the author of El arlequín sentado (Torremozas, 2017). In 2017 she was awarded with the XXIX Ana María Matute Prize for Narrative of women for the short story "Where nobody wants us”.

Right now Tania lives in Ibiza and travels wherever her typewriter is needed.