Sophie Fagan

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Embracing the adventure and magic at a festival is wonderful, so much to see, experience and many open-hearted people to connect with. It's a journey we all love to take and it's important to find ways to support ourselves on this beautiful path of openness and connection.

Having an Indian Head Massage session can offer us the chance to connect both with our energy body and our physical body. Allowing the tension to melt away or be shaken out of our muscles and our emotional selves become more centred and aligned. Feeling both open and cosmically charged, yet grounded and centred this is an accessible treatment for festival goers to reconnect with themselves and recharge before heading back to the magical shared journey that awaits.

About Sophie

Sophie has been practising massage since 2010, she enjoys both teaching massage courses and treating clients in both the UK and the Netherlands. She adores sharing nurturing touch with all people, especially as a way to combat stress and enable her clients to feel seen, nurtured, and embodied. It is Sophie's intention to enable all her clients to feel more empowered in their bodies and to feel safe and cared for on all levels of their being.

Indian Head massage sessions

Indian Head massage draws from the Ayurvedic system of healing. Drawing on working with the chakra energy system as well as the physical body.

It includes massage to the upper back, neck, arms, head, scalp and face.

Specific techniques aid deep relaxation, reduce stress and aim to restore physical and psychological balance.

The sessions on offer will be typically 15 minutes long. Taking place seated in a chair and over clothes.

Why not enjoy a moment of nurturing 'me-time' this festival, try something new and surrender to the experience. Sophie is looking forward to meeting and treating you.

Holistic Massage with Sophie Fagan

Sophie has been a holistic massage therapist and teacher since 2010. She loves to connect work in partnership with her clients where together thye work with the power of intention and invite a feeling of allowing and letting go.

Holistic massage connects the mind, body and spirit by tailoring a treatment based on your needs in the moment, using a range of techniques to suit you. Whether we choose to treat you in the massage chair or on the couch. Use deep tissue techniques or more subtle energy work this massage with be created to serve to you best in the moment.

Gift yourself some love, grounding and nourishment this festival so you can embrace all that is there for you. Sophie would love to share some massage moments with you.