Secure and nourish relationships with Janine


Transformational Coach and EFT (Tapping) Specialist, Janine Beck, through decades of trial, error and study, has discovered the key to secure and nourishing relationships.  Hint: it all starts with your relationship with you and it’s all between your own ears!  

Please put aside the positive affirmations, endless mindfulness practices, and the ‘how to’ strategies.

In these inspiring workshops, Janine will show you how your relationships are an expectation your mind holds and your feelings, emotions and actions, live up to.  

She will show you how simply changing your inner beliefs and your past stories, can:

  • Make you feel love and acceptance for yourself and a deep inner sense of peace and calm

  • Make you tune your radar to attract and receive the kinds of relationships that nourish you and inspire you

  • Show up with a clearly felt sense of personal power that will transform even your most difficult relationships

  • Feel and know these changes in your body (not just your mind) in the form of emotion and sensation.

She will show you what you’re doing inside your mind on a moment to moment basis to create your experience, and most importantly teach you a scientifically proven process to help you change the way you do it!  So that you can begin to create more desirable results.  

Change your mind so that you can feel and see yourself as the loving, secure, beautiful human being you are, permanently.

Janine stumbled across her first personal growth workshop at age 28.  Now, after two decades of studying (she’s a trained Hypnotherapist and Strategic Psychotherapist, EFT Practitioner, Master NLP Practitioner, 200 Hour Yoga Teacher and Denise Linn Soul Coach….) and experiencing every modality she could get her hands (and budget) on, she has discovered the most profoundly transformational set of tools imaginable.  Working these over a thousand hours with her clients, and the deep joy of watching them create the self-acceptance, love and peace they always hoped for is what inspires her to share this work with you too.   

She can’t wait to meet you at the festival.