Even anarchists have rules...

Why we don't allow you to bring your own food & drinks..

If you know our team, you know food is life. ESPECIALLY when you are about to travel to a Monastery for an x amount of days. Party, dancing, yoga, it all relies on good nutrition.

The Monastery decided to only allow The Gardens of Babylon festival to take over for more than three days in 2018. We live, dance, sleep and camp on the same grounds. One term of agreement was that the food & drinks can not be brought to the festival by the visitors. We chose to go ahead with this marvellous location and to find a way to still bring the comfort to the experienced festival go-ers and campeteers (space pioneers that camp) among us.

So what to do when your family can not bring their own food or drinks to your (camping) festival?

- We keep the token price low at €2,5 & food and drinks affordable.
- We make sure we have a variety and vegetarian (& vegan) friendly menu, from health to manly hangover food.
- We have a Juice Bar with fresh fruits.
- We have a Babylon Supermarket with DIY food & necessities.

For more information visit our website www.themonasteryfestival.com

Meet you all at The Monastery,

The Gardens of Babylon

Why we don't allow Re-Entry!

People have asked us… Can we book a hotel or an Airbnb nearby? Can we stay with relatives outside of The Monastery grounds.
No, angel you can’t.. And here’s why..

The full experience
We have created a three day experience that simply requires you to commit once you go through the gates to enter The Monastery for the first time. This is not a festival where you tap in or tap out.

The beautiful location
The Monastery location is unique in its kind. We camp within the walls of The Monastery. This is not an operating camping but for three days you have the option to stay within the magic of The Monastery. Imagine a beautiful, lush green surrounding that will host you for the duration of your stay. Feel it, to believe it.

The rules
For safety reasons The Monastery has requested that we do not allow re-entry.

Don’t forget to bring fairy lights (running on batteries), carpets and other dreamy items to make sure you find your way home..

Important to know:
- This is not an operating camping.
- The camping is on the festival or The Monastery grounds.
- We have showers & bathrooms on the grounds.
- We have no electricity on the camping sites.

Leave no trace.. Nada, nothing, niets!

We are ALL responsible to keep the festival clean, during and after our departure. For your stay at the camping site you pay a €5,- Trash Deposit (included in your Festival Ticket) and you will receive a garbage bag upon arrival, please return this bag filled with your garbage at the end of our festival you receive your €5 deposit back. 

Trash, cups and other junk belong in the trash!

We love our Mother Earth.Our leave no trace policy is respected on The Monastery grounds. Please throw trash in the trash containers. Many thanks in advance.

Cigarettes are considered as trace!

Do not throw your cigarettes on the ground. You can bring or purchase one of our festival ashtrays. Please kindly point out to the people that forget this rule to pick up their cigaret and throw it in the trash.


From beginning 'till end...

“Begin at the beginning," the King said, very gravely, "and go on till you come to the end: then stop.” 
― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Try to go on this journey with us. Start when we open the gates and close them together behind you.

Be you... 

In the beautiful words of Oscar Wilde, be you, everyone else is already taken. Dress like, be or become your true self. 

Kindness is key...

Our loving energy is created by your kindness. Kindness is key in every situation. Leave your ego at the door.. We all love the good bits of our ego, but no excessive egos allowed.

Fun is inevitable, if you give yourself completely!

We are all committing to an x amount of days on The Monastery grounds. Let's come together for totally irrational fun.