The Musical Program

We are creating musical experiences for our family for a year and a half now. We envisioned an intense three days where you can tap in and tap out of the most amazing sounds you can experience on such an intimate event.

And here we are.. At The Monastery. We have asked every single one of our musicians personally to come and play at this festival. Our musical program is divided over multiple stages. We have two main stages, one The Gardens of Babylon family stage and we spiritual concerts that will take you to another galaxy.

Whatever your mood is in, go find your sound. Together we will explore life through music on our three day summer festival. 


Acid Pauli

The first time this magical being called Acid Pauli joined The Gardens of Babylon was in January 2017. It was our third show. Fortunately it wasn't the last. Every single time we see him at our own show or that organised by others, we fall in love with his musical creations, his concert, his symphony but also with his being, with his family and his lovely wife. It's everything about him and more why couldn't miss out on The Monastery.


Mira & Chris Schwarzwälder

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Oliver Koltezki

It was at The Gardens of Babylon lunar show Wild as the Moon that we met the fascinating Oliver Koletzki. He has something undefinable and something mysterious. But most of all he has our full admiration after we first heard him play somewhere on a wild morning at Burning Man. It was the combination of the music and the man that made us want to collaborate for The Monastery. But be sure that it will not be the last time. 

Roy Qillaq

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Christina James

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Roy Green

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