The Monastery is set to be an intimate, 3,000 capacity three day summer festival that turns The Monastery grounds into a ongoing playground featuring the best in music, art and spirituality. Over the past year, The Gardens of Babylon has cemented its place as Amsterdam’s premiere community-based nightlife experience, drawing its strength from a crowd-sourced approach to curation and culture. After months of sold out events throughout Amsterdam, as well as international forays like Mexico City, Dubai, Istanbul just about all of the organizations key musical acts and performances will be present for this
very special event.

friday def.png

Friday July 27

We open the gates on Thursday between 4pm and 11pm, but the musical program will not start before the clock strikes noon on Friday July 27. As we had a killer line up to divide over three days so we could do nothing less then this kick off with this beautiful set of musicians. 

saturday def.png

Saturday July 28

After a quick rest and endless adventuring from here until The Spiritual Zone it's time to dive back into the music on day two. Make sure you don't miss our Bloody Mary Morning with live music to cure any sight of a hangover, so that you are ready for DAY TWO!

sunday def.png

Sunday July 29

It is almost surreal to write these words but there will the last day. The mother of all. The days that we dive in one last time before we have to pack our memories and part ways again. Time to close it with a bang and make sure we don't have to work on Monday.

That means that all these artists are coming to play... 

Final release v-tim_preview.png