The Babylon Brotherhood


How grateful and honored I feel to be part of this amazing family. Last year during the Monastery Festival my life changed so much for the better. I experienced first hand how spirituality, personal development and a great party blend very well together. For a greater part of my adult life I have been working on becoming a better version of myself by exploring different paths. Mainly through Shamanism, Yoga and the Ceremonial use of Psychedelics.

In my professional life I offer guidance and group trainings to people who struggle with both mental and physical imbalances. I am trained as a physiotherapist and specialized in psychosomatic forms of therapy. Using mainly Bodywork, Yoga, Systemic Work, NLP and CBT.

The last years I found a lot of strength and encouragement in working with Men. I see for myself how healing it is to bond with other conscious men. And I feel the need to do it more often and i also feel that other men can use it as well. That's why I started organizing Men Circles within the Gardens of Babylon last year. In these circles there is a safe space for men to connect with other men and masculine energy, to share their feelings and stories and to learn from each others life lesson. Please feel welcome to join dear Brothers!



I will be hosting the Men Circle

Helping myself by helping others