Katty Heath

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Katty Heath is a professional singer, vocal coach, piano teacher, radio presenter and voiceover artist.

Katty as a teacher…

As a vocal coach she helps people of all ages to ‘find their voice’. In a friendly and relaxed environment she teaches in small groups or one to one sessions. She encourages students to strengthen and control their voice with a range of exercises, throat chakra opening and breathing techniques. This is usually followed by some gentle mantra singing or easy songs.

"Singing is a release, it’s therapeutic and it unites us!  I want to make singing accessible to everyone. It’s not about sounding perfect or 'the best’, it’s about finding your unique voice, which is an expression of your soul. Singing is the ultimate throat chakra opener. There will be an area in your vocal chords where you feel comfortable. You will be able to create colourful tones that resonate inwards and outwards”

Katty as an artist...

Katty performs as a solo singer/songwriter and has collaborated with a diverse range of artists since graduating from her music studies in 1996. Electronica acts include Bent, Mylo, Slyde, Crazy P, International Peoples Gang, indie band Spotlight Kid plus a long list of Trance producers. She has toured and performed internationally, supporting artists such as Faithless, Orbital and The Scissor Sisters. This summer she released the first single under her new alias ‘Little Thornrose’ on Massence Records.

For over 15 years she was part of a female harmony duo ‘The Herb Birds’ who performed weekly residencies around the UK, played at Glastonbury Festival, toured across Canada and ski resorts in the French Alps. 

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