For logistics purposes, it's no surprise to The Gardens of Babylon family that our Manon Lens usually takes the lead. The only indispensable person in which we all blindly trust has handpicked the 5 MUSTS to bring and not to bring to The Monastery Festival this year. 

Manon writes...

5 things I will definitely bring to The Monastery Summer Festival:

  • My own re usable cup.
  • Lots of outfits but for sure my tutu and top hat with blinkies to shine in the night. 
  • Anti tick cream/spray: yes we already spotted these little animals and you have to protect yourself. 
  • Enough cigarettes (since we wont sell them at the festival!) and of course my portable ashtray.
  • Throat pastilles since I always lose voice my after 1 day already. (lol)

And as always, Manon always give more that what we ask for. To add to her list, she gave us 5 thing she will NOT bring to The Monastery... 

5 things I will definitely NOT bring to The Monastery Summer Festival:

- I will not carry my phone with me during the event but leave it in my locker. There is no wi-fi anyway and like to fully experience each moment. 

- Nothing like boa's/ 1 time only usable glow sticks, lets keep the area clean

- My grumpy morning mood. Just give me coffee in the morning before you start talking to me ;-)  (Thank God...) 

- No rubber boots for me- really the most uncomfortable shoes to dance with plus I strongly believe it will be sunny all weekend so I can walk barefoot.

- Yy own food/drinks; its not allowed but wow we are going to take with so much yumyummie things!

Thank God for Manon! We don't know what we would do without her.