'Life & Breath' workshops and one-to-one Transformational Breath® sessions with Marcus


Marcus is an integrative coach with a passion for supporting transformation in clients’ lives through increasing awareness, expanding consciousness and acting as a catalyst for authentic change at a causal level. His embodied practice and presence combines the art and science of breathwork and coaching to create a powerful pathway to integration, with the breath acting as a bridge between the body, mind and spirit.

Marcus holds an Advanced Certificate in Coaching Practice and is a Transformational Breath® Facilitator-in-training, a student of Dan Brule’s Breath Mastery Fundamentals and a member of the International Breathwork Federation (IBF). This summer he is attending the IBF's Global Inspiration Conference in Joshua Tree National Park, California and is looking forward to learning and sharing best practices and cutting-edge techniques with some of the best breathwork practitioners from around the world. He is also a PADI Divemaster and AIDA Freediver, and is the owner, label manager and resident DJ of Chapter 24 Records.