Baby, it's hot outside, let's go dancing…

☀️ Hot hot hot ☀️

It would not be the Monastery if it was not going to be hot! Please read this our hot weather update and keep an eye on yourself and each other.


- Refill stations are placed at the festival.
- Buy a Babylon Bottle.
- Bring a empty refillable water bottle. 
- Bring a empty refillable jerrycan to bring to your tent.

☀️Adjusted pack list:
- Your own cup for drinks but def an empty water bottle to fill!
- Super soakers
- Sunglasses
- Sunscreen preferably sunblock
- Hats or scarfs to protect your head! Important!
- Umbrella!!
- Empty jerrycan to fill up at the water station
- Mini fans on batteries
- Hand fans

Look out for each other.
Do you feel light headed you are already too late!
Hydrate very regularly. 
Find shade.
Cover your head.

Cigarettes are not to be thrown on the ground! We live in the year 2019. Leave no trace out of respect for nature and it's drought and of course safety reasons.

☀️ The lake
There is an artificial lake close to The Monastery. Due to strong under water currents you are not allowed by German law and for health reasons to go into this lake. Find our sprinklers or shade to cool down.

☀️ Shadow
We are setting up the a lot of shade and cooling on the location. For the campsites you can bring shade structures place them over your tent for extra air.

☀️ Water Spray
We have purchased pressure sprayers and our performers will offer you cool mist throughout the day. If you want to do a run to the Action yourself they are sold at €1,99.


☀️ Music Stages
We close our sound stages for a couple of hours to make sure you get rest.

☀️ Panels and Day Program
We have many things organised during the day in the cool shade! Check the program on the announcement board and plan your day ahead. We share the new program each day at 7pm.

Sunscreen, umbrellas and hydration are to be kept in mind throughout the festival. We all look after ourselves and each other.

☀️ First Aid
Are you feeling light headed or nauseous find First Aid.

Let’s enjoy the fact that we are sunkissed and together. Sunshine is amazing as long as we keep each other safe!