Alter your state of conciousness


Jonny Hulbert is a Singapore based Sound Practitioner, fascinated by how sound and vibration can alter a state of consciousness.  As a performer and DJ for over 20 years, Jonny has seen first-hand the power that sound can have on individuals and communities.  In recent years, his focus has shifted to use sound as a powerful meditative tool to entrain brain states which are well suited to deep meditation, relaxation and achieving higher states of consciousness.   He is particularly fond of his hand forged Symphonic Gong whose densely packed resonant overtones vibrate throughout the listeners body to induce Theta brainwaves which calm, rejuvenate and energise.

Jonny blends his sound work with life as a family man and as a busy, world travelling executive. He is well placed to see that many people are struggling to adapt to life in the fast-paced information age, where the blurring of boundaries between work and play and adoption of new technologies are causing people to become energetically depleted, isolated and anxious. He believes passionately in the need to connect with oneself, one’s community and environment for a sustainable, happy future both as individuals and as a species.  He believes deeply in the ability of everyone to develop the internal tools to approach life’s inevitable ups and downs with a greater level of equanimity and is dedicated to sharing what he has learned and learning more from others. 

Eric Grotefeld fused a passion for adventure and mountaineering with a career as an executive, investor and performance expert. Harnessing a deep practice in meditative traditions, Eric focuses on working with others to cultivate a pristine awareness of attention to the present moment in order to unlock one’s true potential and reconnect with our deepest essence.

A number of years ago Eric pivoted his capital, energy and time towards greater social impact. With an increasing concern over humanity’s collision with the planet, the eradication of the rich array of bio-diversity to which we share it with and witnessing the growing dissonance for many people in society, he moved more fully into a place of service. He remains as a performance coach within the corporate world and anchors that with helping leaders and global companies’ shift towards a deeper consciousness and resonance.

With a long practice in several meditative traditions Eric has coupled his passion for understanding the nature of the mind with studies in Neuroscience, Contemplative & Consciousness Studies, & Anthropology. Eric is the principle investor in several retreat centers and institutes for the education and advancement of humanity and active supporter and financial backer for the clinical research of entheogens.

Eric naturally avoids the limelight, shunning social media and self-publication. However, as an accomplished public speaker and passionate advocate of using tools like meditation, breath & sound to fold attention/awareness into the “deep now” in order to help transform our world and ourselves, he is increasingly collaborating with aligned masters, activists and communities to humbly share what he has to offer.