Modern Day Curandera


Klaudia Oliver, aka Shamana Mexykana is a modern day curandera, energy worker and spiritual activist. She is passionate about cultivating planetary consciousness and well-being, in group and individual sessions. An intuitive from birth, Klaudia developed her divination and body work skills in different traditions, including her native Mexican Curanderismo, as well as Eastern and Western modalities. Her self-healing journey has helped her understand the blockages, both energetic and physical, we all carry, and her treatments aim to liberate and empower. The integrated method fuses elements of ancestral medicine, crystal healing, meridian energy work, tarot, astrology, numerology, oracle and ritual. Embodying this fresh approach, she will safely help you activate and reclaim your own inner balance. By clearing debris from your energy field you can release toxic imprints which no longer serve you. Klaudia is also a dynamic speaker and workshop leader, as well as the co-founder of Wanderlust, Mexico (a large-scale yoga and wellness event), and the founder of La Calaca Festival, in San Miguel de Allende. She also founded a camp at Burning Man, of the same name, where she bestows her own brand of magic here, and throughout the world.