Yoga with Elina Pavlidis


Elina was born in Paris to a Greek architect and French professional dancer. She was educated in "New School" Montessori movement, which allowed her to explore many interests and study across the world from a young age. At the age of 17 she moved to Canada to pursue a degree in Finance & Entrepreneurship at McGill University. It's around that time that Elina had her first encounter with Yoga and began a regular practice.

After graduating, Elina moved back to Paris where she engaged in a career as a Consultant in a boutique Strategy Consultancy. Coping with extensive travelling and high level of stress, Elina found renewed energy and mind space through a daily asana practice no matter where the consulting lifestyle took her.

After more than a decade of studying the practices of yoga, and half a decade working in Strategy Consulting between Paris and London, Elina took a leap of faith to fully dedicate her energy to the path of Yoga and received her Jivamukti teacher initiation from David Life & Petros Haffenrichter to whom she is eternally grateful.

Elina has since began an exploratory journey of her consciousness through different traditions. Blessed to receive the teachings of great teachers across the world, across disciplines, she is exploring different schools of yoga, ancient meditation techniques, discovering the power of plants and energy, on a journey to freeing the mind from illusion, opening the heart, awakening to our full potential as beings of light.

While traveling, Elina teaches internationally, particularly in Tulum (Mexico) where she spends a quarter of the year, in London, Paris and on the Greek Islands where she annually leads retreats. Elina’s classes combine precise vinyasa-krama, breath, body alignments, mantra chanting and study of ancient spiritual teachings applied to modern living, helping practitioners to transcend their projected limitations, on and off the mats, awakening to their fullest potential and coming into Oneness with-in and with-out.


IG: @elinapavlidis