Cirque Du Vente


Cirque du Vente is all about putting an ear to ear smile on your face, we will entertain you, we will dress you up, we will make sure you will never forget about the moment we met!

Step into our shop and expect the unexpected! From high-end theater costumes, Fantasy fairy Burlesquish outfit, Military crème de la crème eye catchers to Fake fury paradise! We will help you create your kick-ass festival look!

Specially for The Monastery we created a "Cirque your Gear" workshop! All you need is an item; hat/jacket/top/anything!! you would like to pimp or restyle. We will provide you with the rest :) Sign up at Cirque du Vente @ the Market of Curiosities if you would like to join! 

Cirque du Vente is created by Wouter Breukers & Jesse Tenhaeff. A couple that loves to entertain, surprise and dress up. Cirque makes a difference by using second hand materials and gems we gather form all around the world!.
Facebook page: Cirque du Vente