Chi Therapy with Elisabeth Smit


Inspired by the mysterie, beauty and power of energetic work, Elisabeth created Chi Therapy.

A holistic practice for children and parents in Amsterdam. Chi (also called Ki) can be translated as life force or energy. During the different treatments we are working with energy. Your own energy.

We let Chi flow so body and mind are balanced for an optimal life.

In balance means……

Happy feelings

Full of self-confidence


Following your heart

Realizing your dreams

Sparkle and inspire others to sparkle.

The energy can flow freely and create beautiful things for yourself, the other and the world.

Chi Therapy balances the energy by using Polarity Massages, Access BARS and Soul Body Fusion. You can experience Chi Therapy during The Monastery Festival by booking the workshop “The Energy Circle” or a “Polarity Massage”.

It’s also possible to book a Tarot Reading during the festival.