Chi Gong and Tai Chi with Sophie Fagan


Join Sophie Fagan for some Chi Gong and Tai Chi at the Monastery Festival. Whether you have done these practices for many years or this will be your debut you are most welcome! Festivals are vibrant, fun and full of magical connections. They can also be a bit overwhelming at times as there is so much to see, hear and feel, with all ths stimulation it's a good idea to get some grounding and stillness and connect to your centre. This is exactly what Tai Chi and Chi Gong can bring you.

What is Chi Gong and Tai Chi?

Tai Chi and Chi Gong are ancient forms of Chinese exercise which have been practised for hundreds of years to help promote well-being in both body and mind. The soft yet strong flowing movements in combination with meditative breathing and mind focus bring a deep sense of connection both within our own body and mind but also with the world around us. Which is why practising outside in nature is such a beautiful experience :)

The Workshops

Both workshops will start with a gentle warm up to loosen joints and soften muscles and calm the mind.

Chi Gong

We will create a moving meditation practice which is easy to follow and remember. Once you have learned these exercises with Sophie they are yours to keep and nourish yourself with ️.Chi Gong enables you to cultivate and move your inner energy (Chi) enabling you to feel relaxed yet energised.

Tai Chi

We will enjoy a gentle warm up followed by some simple foundation exercises and partner work. Once we have got our Chi (inner energy) flowing we will move on to practice some of the old Chen Tai Chi Form (Lao Jia), a set of choreographed movements with martial intent bringing a deep feeling of strength and dynamic vitality in both body and mind. This is said to be the oldest form of Tai Chi practised and is both gentle and dynamic. It's a wonderful way to get your energy flowing in a calm and relaxed way.

About your instructor:-

Sophie has been a keen practitioner of Tai Chi and Chi Gong for 15 years. She is both enthusiastic and passionate about sharing this beautiful form of Chinese exercise with the all people, She is the founder of Amsterdam Chen Tai Chi & Chi Gong which offers regular classes and workshops in and around Amsterdam.

Sophie looks forward to sharing some Tai Chi with you this festival and perhaps more in the future as well. No experience is necessary. Everyone is welcome .