When will the camping open and close?

The gates of The Monastery will open on Thursday July 25 at 4:00PM and will be closed on Monday July 29 at 10:00AM. The Spiritual Program will start on Thursday soon after we open our gates. The Musical Program will start on July 26.

The Opening Ceremony is on July 26 12:30 to 13:30 do not miss out.

Are tents and vehicles (Camper/RV/Van) both allowed on the Camping Site?

There will be a special area designated to Camper/RV/Vans exclusively. Non of the motorised vehicles are allowed on the camping site itself.

Are tents and vehicles (Camper/RV/Van) on the same Camping Site?

No, tents and vehicles (Camper/RV/Van) are not on the same camping. We have different areas where you are placed or able to camp. The vehicles are placed in a specific area outside The Monastery grounds.

Why is it so expensive to bring vehicles (Camper/RV/Van) to the Camping Site?

We want to fulfil most of your and our own dreams and wishes. The Camping Sites are not operating campings, but created especially for our festival. In order to allow vehicles on the site, we have to take the necessary precautions. These precautions are very expensive. You are encouraged to invite others to your vehicles or camp with tents. We have tents available that offer as much space and comfort as a vehicle.

Is the Camping- and Festival Area, one Area?

Yes, both areas are located on The Monastery grounds.

Am I allowed to bring my camping gear to the camping area first by car and then park my car?

No. You will carry your gear from your car to the grounds. But don’t worry we will have a special shuttle service running 24h non-stop from the parking area to the festival grounds. This might take a while at the entrance due to the queue, so we encourage you to come early.

How can I bring all my groceries if I have to carry this?

You can’t and you are not allowed to bring your groceries. Please read the section Food & Beverages carefully. We don't allow you to bring your own food and beverages a good reason. If you have any food allergies and/or special medical diet please contact us at info@thegardensofbabylon.com

Can I park my car/motorcycle next to my tent.

No. You can not park your car or your motorcycle next to your tent.

Is the parking far from the camping area/festival area?

The parking area is located on a 10 minute walking distance from the festival/camping area. Please note that The Monastery Festival has a no re-entry rule so once you enter the gates you can’t return to your car.

Can I bring my own food/drinks to the camping area?

No. Bringing your own food and drinks is not allowed on the festival grounds and campsite. We are organising an intimate festival for only 3000 people with a killer musical AND spiritual line up. This is expensive. The same goes for the rental of the Monastery itself. Festivals like Fusion own the land. A part from the monetary reason we also had to agree with the Monastery that people are not allowed to bring their own food/drinks to the festival and/or camping area.

We are working on an extensive and affordable menu, both healthy as well as fulfilling. For more information please check Food & Beverages.

Am I allowed to put my tent or vehicle everywhere I want?

For safety reasons, you are only allowed to put up your tent or park where you are guided too. We’ve created beautiful villages for the upcoming three days. Please respect the set camping streets.

Is open fire allowed on the camping site?

No. For safety reasons you are not allowed to have any open fire on the camping site.

Are there power outlets and am I allowed to bring my own generator?

This camping is created for the festival. There is no electricity on the camp sites. Please keep this in mind to inflate your mattress and chose for the pump running on batteries. We will have a few power outlets on the grounds but there could be a wait.

Is there running water available on the camping site?

This camping is created for the festival. There is no running water on the camping site. We do have H2O stations for you to hydrate free of charge on the rest of the festival near the stages.

Is there a Quiet Zone on the camping?

We can’t guarantee a quiet zone on the camping. We do stop the music after sunrise. The earlier you arrive the better option you have to choose where you set up your tent.

Is there a curfew on the Camping?

You can enter and leave the camping as you please. Please be respectful to the people around you, if you do not want to go to sleep.

Can I bring my sound system to the Camping?

Your own sound system is not encouraged. We do want you to know that this festival is not about you, it’s about all of us. Please do not disturb the rest of others on the camping site. If you bring your own sound please stick to a small speaker.

Are there shaded areas in the Camping Area or should I bring my own?

We have The Monastery grounds to ourselves for almost five days. Having said that, we have a limited capacity for our camping site. In case you want to bring shade structures please limit yourself to bring a shade structure of a maximum 2x2 metre structure. You might be asked to take it down in case we need more space.

Are there any showers and do I have to pay for this?

We have an extra shower facility this year. Taking a shower will cost you 1 shower token. There is no outdoor option to refresh such as a river or a lake. This is for both the re-entering policy and security reasons. The showers are amazing. Showers are very crowded from 9am - 1pm. Keep that in mind.

Can I bring my own camping shower?

You can’t bring your own camping shower. You can only use the camping shower in the shower area. This to avoid flooding on the camping site.