There is an astrologist guiding us to a very powerful full moon. Join on Friday. Keep an eye on our announcement board.


You can not bring food or drinks. Please continue reading IMPORTANT.


You can not swim during this festival. We have set up water zones to splash. The lakes closest the festival are dangerous to swim, there was a recent drowning. There are lakes you could swim before going in but due to safety reasons we can not allow or risk your swimming.

Hot Weather

We are setting up the a lot of shade and cooling on the location. For the campsites you can bring shade structures like the first picture or tarp.

We have purchased pressure sprayers and our performers will offer you cool mist throughout the day. If you want to do a run to the Action yourself they are sold at €1,99. You even have the one you see with the lovely lady in picture nr. 2.

SHADE FOR YOUR TENT! Or simply carry your air mattrass to cooler places.

Sunscreen, umbrellas and hydration are to be kept in mind throughout the festival. We all look after ourselves and each other.

Enough places to snooze during the day in case you didn't get enough sleep due to heat. Find our hangover cinema at the Never Ending Story and doze off while tuning in.


☀️ Heat precautions in case of heat:
- Pressure spray
- Cotton cover to wet and put on your head
- Shade structure for the camp side. 
- Sunglasses
- Hat
- Sunscreen
- UV Lipbalm
- Waterbottle
- Jerrycan refillable to bring water to your tent.
- Umbrellas
- Sponges to wet
- Super soakers
Find shade and keep an eye on eachother.


🎪 Camping:
- Tent ( In case you didn't rent the set up tents provided by The Gardens of Babylon or purchase an RV ticket to bring your camper. ).
- Harrings and all the items you need to set up your tent ( Be self reliant !! ).
- Battery Operated Fairy lights
- Batteries (rechargeable)
- Flashlight
- Tent decoration
- Rugs
- Gaffer tape
- Incense ( BE AWARE OF DROUGHT! Please be mindful not to burn your neighbours tent or bare feet )

🧚‍♀️ Sleep & Shower:
- Earplugs
- Sleep masks
- Airbed
- Electric Pump ( We have electricity stations on arrival, please bring your own pump. ) 
- Sleeping bag and cushion
- A framed picture of a loved one! 
- Towel
- Flipflops
- Bathrobe
Walk in Grace we like to call this.. :-)

💅 Toiletry:
- Toothbrush & Toothpaste
- Make Up Remover
- Deodorant
- Showergel and shampoo ( biodegradable ) 
- Razors
- Sunscreen
- Aftersun
- Mosquito repellent
- Tick Treatment
- Condoms
- First Aid Kit
- Tampons
- Baby Wipes
- Wet Wipes
- Toiletpaper ( also provided by the festival )
- Plasters, especially for blisters
- Aloë Vera
- Aspirin
- 5 HTP ( There is an amazing 5HTP with melatonin to sleep well and rise like a rockstar )
- Vitamin C
- Dextro Energy
- Nose Spray

👁️👁️ Party time:
- Your Own Cup - Bring your own cup as we will only sell cups on site.
- Refillable water bottle
- Biodegradable glitter
- Colourful creations to wear.
- Pocket ashtrays
- Palo Santos ( chase away the boogie man, not the boogie-ing man )

🚀 Festival:
- Cigarettes or Tabacco and Paper ( for those that smoke, we will have cigarettes on site but be prepared )
- Socks
- Warm clothes
- Raincoats
- Rain boots ( Depending on the weather ) 
- Yoga Mat ( limited availability )
- Meditation Cushion