Harmonize your Mind, Body, and Spirit with Villia

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Welcome all you blessed Souls,

I can't wait to embrace you and welcome you to the Sacred Space that is the Spiritual village at the Monastery. I have gathered together some amazing Lightworkers from around the globe to tickle your curiosity and gift you a playground that will allow you to discover in a gentle joyful way what resonates with your higher self and brings you in touch with your Spiritual and harmonize your Mind, Body, and Spirit.

In the 3 years, I have been privileged to be the Spiritual guide and mentor in the Garden of Babylon, setting the intentions for the energy of the event with many of you first coming into contact with your spiritual self during the guided meditation we start each event with. I have seen so many of you grow and expand your life experience. Now I get the opportunity to share with you again so much more over the 3 days of the festival in such a beautiful sacred space I am bursting with excitement...

There is so much variety and in harmony with my Sufi roots all are welcome to come as themselves and be received with love and without any judgment just as you are.

The programming in the spiritual village flows all day and into the night, we start our morning by balancing energy movement followed by gentle Mantra singing. For your Mind, we have many different stimulating workshops and we are very happy to welcome a group from Nomade, Tulum

In our Healing and Soul restore areas you will find many healers and practitioners to access healing and nurturing for your Spirit. In the women's circle & mens circle, you will be cherished by your sisters and brothers and share whatever you need to, allowing it to be received, witnessed and heard

To balance your Body there are many different variations of yoga and massages that will take you from Indian head massage to Reflexology and your entire body in between that will heal your Body and soothe your Soul. With different insightful readers to give you direction so your journey flows easily and effortlessly

I won't spill all the beans come and be surprised and delighted by what you find in the village, and explore, nurture and grow your Soul

Villia de Koningh